Submitting Your Request via Web Form

Through our web forms you can submit your questions and requirements on technical support by fulfilling web based form for opening a technical support incident.

Web support is available to all FlexiRay partners and customers at standard conditions and request the repair wihtin the standard terms. Partners with closed servis contract are eligible to receive garanteed response time.

Please use our quick support form to submit your requests. You can find it in the left menu. 

Email Support

In case of any reason you can not use the form to open the incident, please contact us on technical support email Besides your question and problem description, attach some photos and please enter also your sufficient identification data for service contract verificaton.

Call Support

Call support provides possibility for urgent problems solution and is available to all users with appropriate servis contract. Please notice we work in CET (Central european Time) Zone (GMT + 1 hour Time)

Tel.: +420 572 520 039

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please, before you contact us, have a look into our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list. You may find your answer or solution to your problem just right now there.



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