References & Case Studies

  • RFID in Automotive

    RFID references in the automotive industry for tracking automotive components and supplies traceability, managing efficient logistics and packaging account, efficent work flow, machine time efficiency, assembly and workers attendence systems.

  • RFID in Hospitals

    RFID projects in the health care, patient medicaments, hospital logistics and assets tracking, recording and archiving of documents, staff attendance and access control systems, recording of accurate care for patients.


  • RFID in Government

    RFID applications in government institutions for asset tracking, documents recording and archiving, employee attendance and access control


  • RFID in Libraries

    RFID references in area of library management and books funds records, lending and borrowing books tracking and antitheft protection.

  • RFID in Manufacturing

    RFID applications in manufacturing for traceability of products, boxes or crates on the production lines, tracking of packaging and logistics units, operational machine time and product components assembly tracking, workers flow and attendance systems.


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