Smart Shelves & Cabinets

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Smart Shelves & Smart Cabinets

RFID Smart Shelf is a rack or shelf in a store, fashion outlet or warehouse with built in RFID capabilities, embedded or fixed RFID reader and antennas. The RFID reader can be embedded into the shelf or installed hidden behind the shelf. RFID antennas can be built-in the shelf itself or can be installed on the above the shelf or on the bottom of the rack shelf.


Continuously tracking assets, goods or any items in smart shelves bring immediate real time information about existing stock availability and thus the out of stock items can be minimized. The real time information about the your in-stock items or assets will further increase your efficiencies in financial, logistics and customer satisfaction by providing efficient stock replenishment, accurate logistics, cash flow, faster customer service and thus increasing the sales revenue.


The smart shelve tracking key benefits and added value:


1.) Real-Time Stock Information

Real time stock information resulting in efficient replenishment and elimination of out of stocks, as well as elimination of misplaced out of stocks if the item is in-stock but in wrong shelf.


2.) Customer Satisfaction & Behavior Analyses

Keeping the goods in-stock in the most demanded sizes and colors increases the customer satisfaction. A smart shelf controls the expiring dates of products, the goods are kept fresh and the expired products can be eliminated.


The goods can be located very fast. Further more the smart shelves can provide additional service and value to customers by providing additional information about products, as well as related products, thus increasing the cross selling opportunities.


Smart shelves register movements of products and can therefore notify the retailer about: what products cause what customer picking behavior. These data can be useful for customer behavior analyses or testing. The picking data can be used for each shelf sales calculation and this provide information about shelf selling efficiency.


3.) Elimination of shrinkage

By providing real time information about immediate items or asset status the companies & retailers can eliminate the goods & assets shrinkage. By knowing the last item position you can better identify the potential source of the the shrinkage and take necessary precautions.


4.) Efficient logistics, warehousing or retail processes

The smart shelves provide necessary real time information about the stocks thus supporting the efficiency of the processes, efficient stock taking & inventory counting and further more resulting in efficient replenishment, logistics or vendor managed inventory processes.


The wrong or misplaced goods is alerted and located very fast. Thus the store personnel save a significant amount of time by not having to run around the store looking for the goods and particular items


FlexiRay Smart Shelve Antennas

Ultra slim RFID UHF antennas FlexiRay provide length variability along with unmatched small and thin form factor suitable for smart shelves deployments. Due to their design and width the antennas are more suitable and recommended for above shelf installations.


Please contact us for proper smart shelves antenna installation and deployment instructions.



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