Smart Kiosks & Embedded RFID

Leverage the benefits of RFID to your solutions!


Kiosks & Embedded RFID Antennas

The RFID is about real-time wireless non-line of site identification & security. Via RFID you can identify people, assets, cards or even small tiny objects. Via RFID you can grant access to authorized people into particular zone, provide some kind of advice or service, and provide some information about specific object or asset or provide payment gateway as well. Thus the RFID solution can be leveraged to any other product or service and bring the synergy effects in any other scope of human being.


Interactive kiosks, smart displays and embedded solutions got very popular due to low cost, flexible and versatile solution. The electronic and hardware solution are getting smaller or thinner and this impacts the requirements on dimensions of RFID kiosks & embedded RFID solutions.


FlexiRay RFID antennas provide small and very thin profile allowing invisible installations and providing versatile flexibility in their integration and embedding into various RFID and embedded applications.


Embedded Antennas Applications:

  • Kiosks Applications
  • Access control
  • Safety & Lift tracking
  • Invisible Door frames and Portals
  • Smart Desktop
  • Tablet & Panel data terminals
  • Manufacturing data collection
  • Smart Displays, POS displays
  • RFID Fitting Rooms & Smart Mirrors


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