RFID On Conveyors & Production Lines

Track your production resources with 100% accuracy without space compromises!

RFID Manufacturing & Industrial Automation

RFID significantly contributes to higher efficiency & process optimization in manufacturing and industrial management and operations. RFID technology offers at any time a comprehensive overview of the current status of your production resources and efficiency in people, machines and material operations.


Significant gains can be achieved by.

  • accurate control of material flow in production thus reducing stocks & optimizing inventory
  • monitoring of the correct product assembly
  • production  process quality control
  • manufacturing traceability up to the level of particular components and materials
  • immediate information about the production completeness
  • machines operation efficiency, maintenance and control
  • people attendance, work flow management & control of activities in the workplace

RFID technology allows to fully automate production processes and to provide real time data about the particular point of production process, overview about the consumption, time, workers. Based on the information you can better plan all manufacturing and logistics operations (orders, deliveries, production schedules, realistic delivery dates, etc.).


Typically the need for RFID tracking point deployments happen in the worst tiny and space limited areas thus thin and versatile RFID antennas provide neccessary added value RFID solution.


FlexiRay antennas offer innovative RFID tracking solutions for a broad range of applications within the area of industrial and process automation:

  • tracking on conveyor belts
  • access control and attendance
  • production process online data records
  • assembly line tracking
  • tracking machines operational efficiency & maintenance


Rugged all aluminum SFR antennas

Modular rugged planar RFID UHF antennas FlexiRayTM SFR provide unique radiation pattern and high-quality design. Thanks to antenna thickness and modular length enables creation of RFID reading zones along the production lines and conveyor belts suitable for tracking crates, cartons, boxes or product traceability solutions. Rugged high-quality aluminum construction allows antenna deployment in industrial and manufacturing applications.


By creating the appropriate RFID reading zones just above / bellow the particular conveyor belt you will get desired key antenna reading performance:

  • achieving high-level reading accuracy
  • avoiding false unwanted reading
  • keeping the right order for products, totes or containers identification on conveyor belt
  • enabling to differentiate between the products / items on each conveyor belt separately


Ultra slim SF antennas

Ultra slim RFID UHF antennas FlexiRay provide unmatched small and thin form factor suitable for tracking points with limited space, bad access for installation as well as for assembly areas requiring full space for assembly processing



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