RFID Personnel & People Monitoring

Esthetic, unobtrusive & pleasant way of people monitoring

People & Personnel Tracking

People access control; monitoring and attendance tracking belong to most demanded RFID applications. RFID based access control & monitoring systems are typically used for granting access or control the people attendance to office, enterprise, work place, car park, school, library, hotels, events & exhibition areas as well as for tracking employee time for payroll, safety, production and maintenance needs.

RFID Solution Benefits

  • Short proximity & long range automatic NLOS wireless identification
  • Reduce costly payroll errors
  • Increase employee transparency and motivation
  • Reports quickly automatic generation
  • Reducing time required to process the data

The FlexiRay product line offers unique range of ultra slim and esthetic RFID antennas suitable for interiors, access control applications allowing invisible, pleasing & non-obtrusive design.

The FlexiRay antenna range is suitable for

  • RFID Smart Gates
  • Invisible RFID portals
  • Small RFID reading points
  • RFID Ground & Floor mats
  • RFID Overhead antennas
  • Person Identification
  • RFID Touch Screen Kiosks

FlexiRay antennas can be utilized in following RFID systems:

  • RFID Access Control & Parking Management System
  • RFID Time & Attendance Tracking System
  • RFID Asset Management System
  • RFID Work Place & Production
  • RFID Event Management


RFID based Access Control & Parking Management System

Access Control Systems enable to control access of people, employees, visitors, patients and personnel with appropriate access rights to rooms, offices and areas with restricted or controlled access. Control of granting access can be managed by using RFID, RFID based control points and RFID tags. Access control points can be doors, turnstiles, parking gates, elevator or other physical barriers with embedded RFID readers and antennas. The typical RFID tag can be a contactless smartcard, key fob, wristband or smart phone with NFC UHF sticker. The ID of a tag is verified against the access control list and the IDs access rights.


RFID Time and Attendance System

RFID time and attendance systems automate employee time and attendance tracking improve productivity and eliminate costly payroll errors and thus reduce the time required to process employee time and attendance. Tracking employee time and attendance can be fast and simple with the RFID. Each employee is provided with a unique RFID badge. As the employee passes the RFID badge near the RFID reader / RFID gate, the RFID reader records the time of entry or exit. Data is downloaded on a scheduled or periodic basis, automatically delivering accurate time and attendance records.


RFID time and attendance system allows organizations to:

  • Track employee time, overtime, holidays, and absences
  • Reduce inconsistencies and errors associated with manual time tracking
  • Minimize payroll processing time
  • Reduce costly payroll and data entry errors
  • Incomplete time card reports

RFID Work Place, Manufacturing & Production

RFID solution at work places is ideal for a wide range of industries and businesses where hourly and salaried employee time is tracked, including manufacturing, warehouse & distribution, healthcare, retail, professional and medical offices, government, and educational agencies. RFID gives you control over lost time and productivity, which can have a significant impact on your company’s profitability.

Data collected can be further used for work efficiency improvements and work flow optimization. The workers performance can be evaluated and compared, eg. how many products a worker created within given time. This information can be used for work flow & methods optimization, evaluation, experience sharing and staff motivation.


RFID Event Management

RFID Enabled Events, Conferences & Exhibitions

RFID provides proven options to record attendance information, track seminar attendance, and monitor traffic flow within event & exhibition environments. Attendees can freely walk in and out of sessions without the hassle of being stopped by room monitors. RFID smart gates record the attendees. All scans are stamped with date, time, location and direction.


RFID Benefits

  • Accurately measuring attendance tracking of events, session, training, conference
  • Attendee behavior, analysis and reporting
  • Providing Return On Attendance (ROA)
  • Innovative non-invasive attendance tracking & reporting
  • Accurate session attendance reporting.


FlexiRay provide lightweight esthetic non-obtrusive tracking solution that can be used for temporary mobile or fixed stationary RFID event tracking solution.


RFID Booth & Trade Show Tracking

RFID can help exhibitors to track booth activity and measure additional revenue opportunities and automatically analyze individual attendee booth visits. FlexiRay innovative, esthetic and slim antennas can be deployed to be invisible to users or to blend in with booth decorations without providing any distractions to the booth design. The small and thin RFID FlexiRay antennas, mounted close to the posters or LCDs, are ideally suited as an information request point for exhibit booths visitors as well as organizing competitions and appraisals for visitors.


RFID Capabilities & Limitations

Please be aware that people tracking requires correct expectations setting with regards to technology capabilities and limitations. Human body or crowded areas can significantly influence the application design and thus potential risk factors shall be minimized and considered when designing the application.


Potential risks of passive RFID close to the human body can be eliminated by:

  • people will wear the tags visibly on their body
  • people actively showing the cards/tags
  • using RFID portals or several portal units next to each other
  • using ground mat antennas or RFID tunnel with antennas on floor, side and overhead
  • using high power readers and appropriate tags


In crowded, long distance people tracking applications as well as applications where you can not guarantee correct tag position, it is recommended to use BAP or active RFID tag solutions with autonomy battery.


Battery Assisted (BAP) UHF Solution

BAP UHF RFID solutions will provide necessary and secure 100% accuracy in crowd people tracking, tracking on longer distances or in case you can not eliminate human body influence in pocket, pupils and students


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