RFID Ground, Floor & Mat Antennas

Track your assets with higher accuracy and minimal visual impact!


Ground, Floor & Mat RFID Antennas

Ground & floor RFID antennas are perfect solution for asset tracking, security loss prevention systems and people tracking applications in logistics, retail, manufacturing and sport timing systems.


Antennas can be embedded or flush–mounted into the ground enclosure or provided as RFID mats. The ultra thin profile, adjustable length and radiation pattern make the system suitable for UHF RFID tracking applications optimized for identification of moving assets, pallets, carts or trolleys.


RFID Ground & Mat Antennas Benefits:

  • Invisible installation does not allow non authorized manipulation
  • Smart alternative to RFID gates
  • Ultra-low antenna profile
  • Tracking of people and metal objects


Ground & floor mat RFID antennas can be useful in situations when

  • Unobtrusive invisible installation is needed
  • Not allowed or even possible to create RFID gate
  • Tracking more objects, made of metal or people would not be possible



  • Replenishment tracking between shop backroom and sales floor at retail stores
  • Loss prevention systems


Asset Tracking

  • Loss prevention systems
  • RFID tunnels, gates and corridors


Sport Timing

  • Marathon runners and mass competitions tracking
  • Bike races timing systems


Logistics & Manufacturing

  • Tracking wagons & trolleys
  • Production replenishment trolleys



  • Fencing solutions


Recommended Products

  • Ultra Slim Antenna SF-1500 / SF1400
  • New generation Ultra Slim Antenna SF-2400 / SF2300


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