RFID Desktop & Work Places

Track your administration and work flow in fast convenient way!

Desktop RFID Workplaces & Administration

Administration processes, data entry, recording processes are important for any organization, company or institution. The benefits of RFID can be dramatically useful in situations when you need to:

  • enter data about large amount of records, items or IDs (customer, patients & employee records)
  • provide fast and reliable service (events management, marathon tracking)
  • keep accurate records without errors (any application)
  • user & data carrier identification needed (club & loyalty cards, work assembly)

For any company it is important that the records and data entry will be done conveniently, fast in the moment when the event occurs accurately without errors. RFID can facilitate the administration and data entry processes accurately and fast. At the same time on RFID market there is lack of RFID antennas that would fit to administration requirements on convenient way of work and enough space on your work place.

Modular RFID UHF planar antenna FlexiRayTM SF with unique thin & small form factor enables flexible creation of RFID reading in desktop & POS applications. FlexiRay antenna can be deployed in conventional way as in on-table applications. Thanks its unique thickness the antenna allows completely invisible installation under the table. Thus feature can be very useful in situation you need to save space on the table or from esthetic reasons as well.

Antenna Applications

  • Desktop & Point of Sale
  • Asset, Document and File Tracking
  • Office Administration
  • Books records & tracking
  • Access Control & Attendance.
  • Embedded and Invisible RFID Installations
  • RFID tagging & Service Functions
  • Club cards record & relationship systems
  • Assembly line work places

Key Market Segments

  • Offices & Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals & HealthCare
  • Telecommunications, Data Centers
  • Assets and IT Equipment Tracking
  • Retail and Commercial Outlets Applications
  • Fashion, Apparel & Textile Outlets
  • Libraries, Galleries & Museums
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Government Institutions and Organizations
  • Hotels, Leisure and Hospitality Providers
  • Events, Exhibitions & Trade Show Management
  • Universities & Education Institutions


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