Asset tracking

Track your assets in esthetic, unobtrusive & pleasant way!


RFID based asset management

RFID based asset management and asset localization allows optimizing the levels of asset inventory and increasing the assets utilization, thus minimizes the cash flow and investments and significantly improves efficiency of business processes that are based on usage of these assets, service, maintenance, stock taking and control. Immediate information about the assets can be provided via simple web based or client based application.

The nice look of the installed hardware solution plays important roll in interior deployments. FlexiRay focuses on providing RFID UHF antennas and portals with pleasing design that allows creating reading zones in interiors in unobtrusive way thus with minimum impact on interior look as well as on daily users activities.


FlexiRay products provide additional value and flexible solution in following asset tracking applications:

- RFID UHF antennas with ultra slim design to be embedded into a door frame, embedded into portals or hidden behind the wall paneling or tiles

- Esthetic RFID antennas in aluminum construction for onto wall application

- RFID portals with esthetic and pleasing design

- Smart Shelves and Smart Cabinets

- Desktop work place

- Ground & floor mat antennas


RFID Gates and Door Portals
Flexiray antennas can be useful tool in RFID asset tracking applications providing esthetic look and unobtrusive ultra slim profile. Antennas can be fit into a door frame or behind wooden wall facing.

RFID FlexiRay portal units can be used in situations where the door or wall installation is not possible and it is necessary provide access control via portal units.

Desktop Antennas
Small RFID antennas allow tiny on table as well as invisible under table deployment thus saving your space on table and providing tracking solution in more secure way.

Under table invisible installation brings benefits of work flexibility and easy manipulation with tagged objects within the framework of the work place, not only in standard desktop environments but further more in RFID identification work place, production & assembly work flow environments.


Smart Shelves
Tracking assets in smart shelves bring immediate real time information about stock availability. The real time information about your assets will drive efficiency increase in your in assets usage, cash flow, logistics and customer satisfaction by providing information for efficient stock replenishment, accurate logistics and faster customer service.

Ground & Floor RFID Antennas

Antennas can be embedded or flush–mounted into the ground enclosure or provided as RFID mats. The ultra thin profile, adjustable length and radiation pattern make the system suitable for UHF RFID tracking applications optimized for identification of moving assets, pallets, carts or trolleys.



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