FlexiRay RFID Solutions & Applications

  • Asset Tracking

    RFID based asset management and asset localization allows optimizing the levels of asset inventory and increasing the assets utilization. Track your assets in esthetic, unobtrusive & pleasant way!

  • Smart Shelves & Cabinets

    RFID Smart Shelf is a rack or shelf in a store, fashion outlet or warehouse with built in RFID capabilities, embedded or fixed RFID reader and antennas. Get immediate information about your stock & inventory!


  • Conveyor Belts

    RFID manufacturing & industrial automation contributes to higher efficiency & process optimization in manufacturing and industrial management and operations. Track your production resources with 100% accuracy without space compromises!

  • People & Personnel Monitoring

    Esthetic, unobtrusive & pleasant way of people monitoring. RFID based access control & parking management system, time and attendance system, work place & RFID event management

  • Smart Kiosks & Embedded

    FlexiRay provides small and very thin profile allowing invisible installations and versatile flexibility in integration and embedding into various RFID applications. Leverage the benefits of RFID to your solutions!


  • Ground & Floor

    Ground & floor RFID antennas are perfect solution for asset tracking, security loss prevention systems and people tracking applications in logistics, retail, manufacturing and sport timing systems. Track your assets with higher accuracy without visual impact on interior!

  • Desktop

    Desktop RFID workplaces make the records administration, data entry & control fas, convenient without errors. Track your data administration, files,  paper work and work flow in fast convenient way!


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