Rugged Slim RFID UHF Antenna

FlexiRay SFR Antenna Product Lines

Key Antenna Features

  • Esthetic design suitable for interiors
  • Rugged enclosure for logistics, warehouse and industrial applications
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Middle read range applications up to 4-7 meters*
  • Modular antenna length
  • Low mounting depth
  • Conveyor RFID antenna

RFID UHF Antenna Description

Modular slim rugged antenna FlexiRay SFR with high-quality design enables creation of RFID reading zones in entrances, exits, corridors, doors and gates.

Esthetic and pleasing design allows deploying the antennas in interiors for asset & people tracking in commercial, retail & library applications include outdoor / indoor project in logistics and industrial environment, manufacturing, reading on conveyors and production lines.

RFID Applications

  • RFID portals and reading zones in entrances, gates, doors and corridors
  • Logistics, warehouse aisles, receiving, replenishment and shipping applications
  • Manufacturing, conveyors and production lines
  • Asset tracking in retail, commercial and library applications
  • Access & attendance control


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