RFID Service & Customization

Delight your customers by tailor made & unique solutions!

Graphic Design & Metal Enclosure Customization

The solution design and look plays important role how the solution will be accepted by final customer.  Based on your application request we can further discuss and adjust the esthetic look of the solution via color change, placing the customer logo or prepare special enclosure with customized design.

In case our metal enclosure does not fit to your application due to mounting or space requests, conveyor size etc, our enclosure can be adjusted to suit your solution needs.


RFID Antenna Selection, Solution Design & Pilot Testing Service

Further more you can utilize our expertise when designing your RFID application. Based on your application goals, expectations and settings, we can propose a suitable solution with regard to the needs and possibilities of your customers, with special focus on the required range, environment, speed and accuracy of reading, esthetics and robustness of the entire RFID solution.



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