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RFID Portals - FlexiRay

Key RFID Portal Features

  • Unobtrusive esthetic design
  • Ultra slim profile & unique small footprint
  • Customizable printing design options
  • Reader independent
  • Low costs & lightweight Solution
  • Integrated new generation antenna

Main RFID Portal Applications

  • RFID reading zones in entrances, gates, doors and corridors
  • Interior / indoor access control, asset tracking or retail applications

FlexiRay RFID Slim Portal

The FlexiRay RFID Portal is ideal for tracking assets, equipment, document, files, and people in interior environments passing through doorways, hallways or corridors.

Thin Profile and Small Foot Print

FlexiRay RFID portal provides ultra slim profile and small stand footprint saving space features in an attractive esthetically-pleasing design suitable for office, library, retail, IT & data centers, hospital and other interior environments.


RFID portal offers ultimately thin profile and small size footprint. The portal provides unique solution for short and middle range RFID reading zones facing the mounting limitations demanding the esthetic appearance.

Esthetic & Customizable Design

The FlexiRay RFID portals can be delivered with adjustable customized graphics design in photographic quality to accommodate or highlight its esthetic features and excellent functionality within the interior environments. Esthetic and unobtrusive thin portal design integrated with modular FlexiRay antennas provides flexible solution yet with outstanding performance and read ranges.

RFID Reader and Antennas

The FlexiRay portal can be connected to any external UHF compliant RFID reader allowing the changing use of RFID readers as your hardware requirements change.


The FlexiRay portal was designed to be used with embedded ultra-slim modular planar FlexiRay antennas. The FlexiRay antennas provide necessary slim profile and unique radiation pattern providing RFID reading zones in entrances, gates, doors and corridors, compliant with EPC Gen 2 or ISO 18000- 6C. Each unit of the portal accommodates one ultra slim FlexiRay antenna fitted into protective & esthetic design.


Thanks to narrow horizontal beam width, the antennas reduce the reading of ambient tags in environments where stray tags are in close proximity to the portal, thus significantly reduce and eliminate unwanted reads.

RFID portál FlexiRay

Compact Lightweight Low Cost Solution

Measuring 1515 x 220 x 35 mm ( 59,6” x 8,7” x 1,4”) and weighing less than 9,5 kg  (21 lbs), the portal offers compact, light-weight, and low-profile construction. The smart design results in total low cost easy to install solution further simplifying the overall logistics, operations and minimizing the total costs of delivery and deployment.


The portal is supplied without external RFID reader. By connecting four portal units to one four port reader further costs savings can be achieved and thus maximize the overall RFID project ROI.

Quick & Easy RFID Deployments

The FlexiRay portal steel frame construction can be securely bolted to the floor to provide maximum stability and safety for people passing though.


Each portal unit is fitted with 4 mounting holes on the foot stand and 2 holes inside the frame. The portal offers a variety of cable mounting configurations. The cable holes are drilled on the unit side or on the foot bottom to provide safe passing of cables.


Key FlexiRay Portal Market Segments

  • Offices & Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals & HealthCare
  • Telecommunications, Data Centers
  • Assets and IT Equipment Tracking
  • Retail and Commercial Outlets Applications
  • Fashion, Apparel & Textile Outlets
  • Libraries, Galleries & Museums
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Government Institutions and Organizations
  • Hotels and Hospitality Solutions
  • Events, Exhibitions & Trade Show Management
  • Universities & Education Institutions



RFID Portal Technical Specification

Physical Characteristics
(each portal side)

FlexiRay Portal

1515 mm ( 59,6 in )


220 mm ( 8,7 in )

Depth (incl. metal frame)

35 mm ( 1,4 in )

Base Stand Foot Print:

320 x 100 mm (12,5 x 3,9 in)


9,5 kg / 21 lbs (incl. RFID antenna and cable)


Steel frame stand with plastic antenna enclosure

Steel Frame Finish

Powder-coated in standard black or customized color

Plastic Panel

White PMMA plastic material

Graphical Design

Direct digital printing, customizable design layout

RFID Reader

Any external UHF compliant RFID reader

RFID Antennas

FlexiRay SF-2400 / 2401

Cable Options

Low Loss cables per customer request. Cable holes drilled on the unit side and on the foot bottom to provide safe passing of cables.

Mounting Options

Fitted with 4 mounting holes on the foot stand and 2 holes inside the frame.

Order Information (ETSI / FCC)

FlexiRay Portal Left active side

FlexiRay Portal Right active side

FlexiRay Portal Double active side


RFID Portal Datasheet Download

FlexiRay RFID Portal 2400 / 2401





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