RFID UHF Antennas & Portals

  • Ultra Slim Antenna Line

    Ultra slim 2 mm profile antenna with esthetic design suitable for indoor / interior RFID portals, smart rack, smart shelf and embedded invisible RFID applications applications.

  • Rugged & Esthetic Antennas

    RFID antennas with aesthetic design in high-quality aluminum construction. Suitable for RFID gates and portals in interior, exits or corridors as well as for reading on conveyor belts ...

  • RFID Portals

    FlexiRay RFID portal provides ultra slim profile and small stand footprint saving space features in an attractive esthetically-pleasing design suitable for office, retail, data center, hospital and other interior environments.

  • Conveyor Antennas

    Flexiray SFR antenna thickness and modular antenna length enable creation of RFID reading zones along the production lines and conveyor belts suitable for tracking crates, cartons, boxes or product traceability solutions.

  • Desktop Antennas

    Thin & small form factor of SF antennas allow flexible creation of RFID reading in desktop & POS applications and reading point pleasing to interior, unobtrusive to user as well as saving space on table & work place.

  • Ground & Floor Antennas

    Ground & floor RFID antennas are perfect solution for asset tracking, security loss prevention systems and people tracking applications in logistics, retail, manufacturing and sport timing systems.

  • Bundles, Cables & Accessories

    Our RFID portfolio covers the entire RFID infrastructure including readers, antennas, multiplexors, hubs, cables, as well as RFID tags & labels allowing our partners to buy RFID products under one roof from experienced RFID provider.


  • RFID Service & Customization

    Utilize our expertise when designing your RFID application and use our customization service and solution design support. Get unique tailor made solution and enhance your customer loyalty and satisfaction!


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