FlexiRay Partner Opportunities

Opportunities For VARS & Distributors

Take the opportunity to become our partner. Include slim RFID antennas into your RFID applications and make your product portfolio unique and different from your competitors.


Esthetic Indoor RFID Applications

RFID antennas FlexiRay can make your RFID product portfolio different and outstanding when comparing to your competitors by fulfilling the customer requirements on aesthetic look and reading performance. This is a must for majority of indoor RFID applications.


Conveyor RFID Applications

At the same time the antenna reading characteristics make the FlexiRay antennas suitable for using in  conveyor applications and reading on produciton or assembly lines by creating accurate RFID zone and thus eliminating RFID tag false reading.


SmartShelf & Embedded RFID Applications

SmartShelf & embedded RFID applications require ultra slim profile allowing antenna integration even into small and tiny space and places with limited installation access.  FlexiRay antennas are available in varius lengths providing ultimate 2 mm profile and neccassary gain for short and middle range applications.


RFID antennas FlexiRay create new business opportunities that need to be addressed in correct way. Once you are capable to do it, FlexiRay antennas will open new business opportunities for you !





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