RFID UHF antenna FlexiRay with unique small and thin form factor

Barco, RFID solutions supplier, released short and thin RFID UHF antenna FlexiRay SF-110X, a new model of the innovative FlexiRay slim line antenna product range. With small form factor antenna is an invisible, esthetic and cost effective option for desktop, access control, embedded kiosks or smart rack applications, as well as product traceability and manufacturing applications.

July 20, 2012, Czech Republic

The ultra slim FlexiRay SF-110X model is the newest of the thin antenna Barco’s product range, available for both ETSI and FCC frequencies. The antenna dimensions are just 155 x 100 x 2 mm for ETSI version and 110 x 100 x 2 mm for FCC version. Thus enables to create RFID reading zones wherever short range, small and thin esthetic antennas are required, the application requires small & invisible embedded antennas or simply wherever lacking enough space to deploy standard conventional antennas.

Even with small form factor, if necessary the antenna can achieve range more than 2 m (tested with Alien and Impinj reader 30 dBm, 4 m RG-58 cable, Alien Squiggle tag). Thus the SF-110X can be very good esthetic and cost effective option for desktop, access control, embedded kiosks and smart rack applications in retail, libraries, call and data centers, government, army & DoD, office and other commercial environments.

Antenna can be optionally equipped with robust all-metal enclosure and provided as rugged antenna model, FlexiRay SFR-110X, designed for industrial and manufacturing applications. Robust all-metal construction was specially developed to be used in demanding industrial environments. Thus the SFR-110X antenna can be used for product traceability and manufacturing applications.

"We strive to follow the market demands and needs of our partners for more specialized and customized antennas. Proper antenna parameters and design are necessary prerequisite for success in majority of RFID UHF applications. Our aim is to provide our partners full slim line antenna range to have a complete set of antennas and flexible solution for RFID UHF deployments", clarified Tomas Kubicek, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Barco.

FlexiRay Slim Line Product Range

Slim RFID UHF antennas FlexiRay have unique slim and esthetic design and radiation pattern enabling creation of RFID reading zones in interiors, entrances, doors, smart racks and smart cabinets, as well as in industrial environment on conveyor belts or production lines. Antennas are modular, can be supplied in various lengths from 110 to 1090 mm allowing optimum adaptation to a particular installation. RFID antennas FlexiRay provide flexible mounting options.

About Barco

Barco is an IT solution provider in the field of barcode applications, RFID and wireless technologies in business processes. We specialize in solutions for online warehouse management based on utilization of mobile terminals in WiFi infrastructure, development and integration of RFID & RTLS systems for contactless automatic identification, assets and people localization in real-time. Our leading product is online Warehouse Management System SmartStock.WMS. The corporation was established in 1993.



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