About FlexiRay

RFID antennas deployment is a key element of any application

RFID UHF Antennas Development

Barco has been focused on RFID integration since 2005. Our practical experience with conventional RFID antennas resulted in unique RFID UHF antennas development. The real RFID projects experience showed us a significant gap on the market in the current RFID products in the field of RFID deployment in interiors, as well as when installing RFID reading zones on production lines and conveyor belts. RFID antennas available on the market have proven to be insufficient for the successful completion of majority of RFID UHF projects. On the contrary, choosing the right RFID antenna is a key step for any RFID installation.

Weaknesses and shortcomings of conventional RFID antennas

Poor design of conventional RFID antennas and also the radiation characteristics are the bottleneck of many RFID installations especially in interiors, conveyor belt tracking and smart shelf applications esp. from these reasons:

  • Robust design, antenna size, high installation depth
  • Obtrusive and inaesthetic shape does not allow deployment in interiors
  • Common high gain of the antennas does not allow to tune them for a short distance, such as maintaining the order of the objects and  to avoid false.


Therefore Barco started to intensively involve in the development of our own unique thin antennas with modular length and aesthetic design. Undoubtedly, each RFID application would deserve a specific RFID antenna, however, this development would be disproportionately expensive and which not every application could afford. Our goal is to provide unique yet commercially available antennas to improve the effectiveness of RFID systems and to make RFID significantly more make available for companies of any type, size and industry.

FlexiRay antennas have been successfully tested in real operation, in manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies, where proved their purpose & qualities.


We are pleased that our ideas were correct and our RFID development brings real results thus more companies can enjoy the results of our efforts.


FlexiRay project has been funded with support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


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